Home Safety Measures at The Urban Space

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Home is the most common location for accidents to happen. Statistically. The risks of damage is especially higher in homes with kids. If you are a working parent, you will be spending significant amount of time outside your home, and at a distance from your family. Most home accidents are associated with a busy city lifestyle where people have very little time to think about their home safety measures. Proper home safety measures are not a choice, but a necessity in this busy and crowded lifestyle of cities. For the sake of our kids. For the elderly parents at home. For a peaceful living. For a truly stress-free living.

Home Safety Measures | The Urban Space

At the Urban Space, we have gone beyond the ranges to deliver European Standard Safety and Comfort to our homes. It is not just about a home. For us, it is about creating a truly stress-free home for you and your family. Here are the …. ways how:

1. Three Layer Safety Against Fire Accidents

All our homes have hand-held fire extinguishers, fire proof lining and access to fire hydrants. The fire extinguishers come in handy for small scale fire. The special fire-proof lining technology in our walls and homes will help contain the spread of fire, should a bigger accident happen. Our fire hydrant system will supply immediate fire-fighting means for the community while the fire-control team is on the way. This 3 layer fire fighting strategy will ensure the best home safety measures for you and your family against fire. Apart from the European Standard Fire Fighting system, all our homes will have smoke detectors and fire-alarms for you identify early stage fires and prevent damages from even happening.

2. Complete Safety from LPG Gas Accidents

Incidents of Cooking Gas accidents are growing in number. At the Urban Space, none of our homes have to worry about the dangers from LPG storage in the home. For the first time in Nepal, we have introduced American Standard Direct to Home Gas Pipeline in all our homes. This will not only keep you away from the hassle of refill and storage. But with our central gas storage, you and your family will forever be safe from any incidents due to LPG gas cylinders.

3. SMART Surveillance

All our homes have state of the art SMART Home Surveillance and Automation technology integrated within to make your dwelling a pleasant one. Now, your kids will not only be safe within the central open space, but you will always be on top of what is happening within your homes, from wherever you are. There are already so many problems that we have to face in order to keep up with our professional and personal life. Working parents understand the pain of having to worry about the kids and elderly at home when they are off to conquer professional world.

4. Earthquake Resistant Design

Each of our home are based on the Earthquake Resistant Design Principles. The construction grade and standards fully comply to Nepal’s National Building Code. We have had some painful memories with Nepal Earthquake 2015. Our society, at large, is still not fully recovered from the shock. Our homes will ensure that this would not have to be the case for our next generation. With intelligent design and best in grade engineering, our homes are better and safer when it comes to earthquakes.

5. Safe Play-space for Kids

Our homes have common shared space on the central region. This space contains abundant greenery, is completely isolated from the outside and designed especially for kids and the elderly. Now you can say bye bye to most of the outdoor injuries that children get exposed to due to unsafe playgrounds. At the Urban Space, your kids will always be close by and just in the backyard, should they be sought after.

6. Additional Home Safety Measures for Kids: Insulation

A parent would know the impact of loud noises, screaming fights or intruding sounds from the neighbor upon the developing conscience of a kid. If you have a kid at home, you would do everything in your control to provide a peaceful working and developing space for your loved one. But not always are the situation within our control.

Peaceful Space for Kids | The Urban Space

Our homes at the Urban Space come with complete acoustic insulation. This will keep your kids and your family away and safe from outside noises. Even when there are occasional outbreaks (which every family has, every now and then) within the home, it can be completely masked away from the toddles and kids inside. They don’t need to see anger. They don’t need to hear screams. Giving them a peaceful environment at home ensures a better character development in their subsequent years.

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