The Vision of The Urban Space

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The Urban Space is more than just a housing company. Its a revolution in how homes, neighborhoods and subsequently cities can be built for sustainability and for the distant future. Urban Space Satdobato is our first step towards this revolution in urban design and sustainable city design.

By optimizing the space inside, we have introduced a ground-breaking concept in which the walls inside the properties are all taken down. Taking down those walls is not just a mere physical change. This is also about taking down psycho-social, political and emotional boundaries.

Would you prefer to see your kids grow up in a confined environment or in a boundary less environment?

By starting this initiative of removing walls, we are envisioning a community in which there is a sense of companionship and harmony. This will ensure that your family lives and grows up in an admirable society. That is the bigger goal of The Urban Space.

By utilizing the little spaces available in the city, we will have made an exemplary society. The Urban Space is our pilot project and after some time we will initiate our second and third phases. Our dream is to be able to transform the general living standard of the nation as a whole. We seek to become a pioneer in the Nepalese housing scene by taking the initiative of making modern homes, communities, and subsequently, neighborhoods.

If you are interested to know more about the design philosophy of The Urban Space, you can check out the video here. In the next read, you can know how we have tried to make better homes at the Urban Space.

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