Why Build A Kids Friendly Home?

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Do you have a kid at home? Do you have a kids friendly home?

Does your kid need to have a mobile phone by his/her side while at lunch or dinner?

Is TV/Mobile the prime source of engagement for your kid?

Technology has changed the world. Whether for the good or bad is up for debate. Our homes have become smaller while our digital lives have become bigger. With so many of these gadgets in every household, it is difficult and almost impossible to keep our kids away from them. A truly kids friendly home gives your kids alternatives to gadgets.

A toddler feeding happily with out any gadget around them seems like a distant fairy tale these days.

Kids Friendly Home | The Urban Space

A truly kid-friendly home has enough open spaces for kids to engage in physical activities. In crowded cities, access to open space is a rare treat. Hence, most households, willingly or not, have to resort to digital devices when it comes to keeping kids busy.

Apart from keeping the child engaged, are the gadgets actually helping in the child’s development?

Increased digital activity has significantly decreased physical activity for all of us. This creates a consequential impact, especially in the case of kids. For their proper physical, mental, social, and emotional development, our kids need to play. They need to run around, shed some energy and interact with nature. Maybe even fall down a few times, get a breath of fresh air. Physical exercise makes your kids strong. It ensures proper growth for them, psychologically as well as emotionally.

Is it healthy for kids to engage with these gadgets so much so that they ignore physical activity and sports?

The number of cases of childhood and teenage obesity has increased by more than tenfold globally in the last 50 years. From 11 million in 1975 to 124 million in 2016 – thanks to the gadgets around us. This number is increasing faster than ever before. A general lack of confidence, isolated social behavior, lack of leadership skills is seen commonly in kids who engage less with physical sports and activity.

The infographics below from the Aspen Project Play: Youth Sports Facts gives the complete benefits of exercise and play for the kids. More than just physical development, you child with outperform others in every aspect of life.

At the Urban Space, we have gone to a great length in designing a truly kids-friendly home for your family. You will have a common 8 aana access to the central open space. In this space, your kids can run, play or be with nature. Our central space has abundant greenery and natural light. To know more about the vision behind The Urban Space, here is a short video.

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