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A dream home is worth a lifetime of savings and work. The definition of a dream home may differ from one individual to other. But, the end goal remains the same. A dream home is somewhere you can feel comfortable in. Alongside that, a dream home is something you can proudly claim as your own.

Deciding the colors, size of the building, number of rooms are the first things that people think of when they picture their homes. However, a home alongside visual appeal and rooms should also have functionalities that bring comfort and quality to our lives.

Here are the 6 essential things you should never miss out including in your dream home plan:

1. Location

The dream home you are planning for should provide you the ease to reach your frequent access points. Your home should be at walking distance or at least a short drive to your grocery store, your kid’s school, and an entertainment center at the least. Likewise, the location of your home should enable your commutes to the hospitals and other emergencies to be fast and easy.

2. Safety

Above all, the roof you live under should be safe enough to save you from theft, fire hazards, and disasters like earthquakes. Your dream home plan must include technologies that leverage you in fighting mishaps and accidents at home.

Investing in technologies for Fire proofing, Earthquake proofing, Theft Proofing is a must when it comes to having a safe home. Read more on home safety issues in our another blog.

3. Kids Friendly

Your dream home is supposed to be your kid’s dream home. In Kathmandu, 63% of homes do not have access to open space for their kids to play. On the other hand, the homes that have space aren’t safe enough.

Exercise and play have significant benefits in the physical and psychological development of our kids. A dream home should have abundant space for your kids to play and socialize. Our kids are our only legacy.

4. Open Spaces

A dream home is a home where you can have a lot of breathing space. Homes with more open spaces are more peaceful. Similarly, abundant open spaces mean better airflow and better interior lighting.

Open spaces are a luxury that not all households can afford. Certainly, this is the truth of housing in cities like Kathmandu. Optimizing spaces by investing in innovative designs is the key to achieving open spaces.

5. Design and Interiors

When you invest your life-long savings into one house, you would expect it to be a good one. After all, you and your kids will spend their ENTIRE LIFE inside the structure. The interiors of a house can change the way you think and act. Aesthetically pleasing interiors add great value to the quality of living. All of us deserve a better quality of life.

6. Well Planned Spaces:

Your dream home should enhance your social life. From simple social gatherings to your privacy, to parking spaces and security systems, your dream home should cover all these. After all, we are talking about a full life’s saving here.

In The Urban Space, we have considered all these aspects and much more to give you the truly next generation home. If you are interested to know more about the project, here is a short video. To know more about The Urban Space, you can download our project brochure here.

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