5 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill in Nepal

Reduce Your Energy Bill | The Urban Space | Urban Space Nepal
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We are a developing nation. With the gradual rise in the size of the middle class, across the globe and, in Nepal, more and more people are making choices to have a rather comfortable life. There has been an increase in the size of expenses that people put up in pursuit of a comfortable living. Unfortunately, not all choices of equipment or configuration play in the favor of the owners in the long run. In most cases, it comes in the form of an increased monthly bill or the subsequent maintenance and running cost for each configuration. In this blog, we talk about the ways in which you can minimize such costs and reduce your energy bill.

In Nepal, the hilly settlement areas, such as Kathmandu and Pokhara experience short winters (lasting up to 4 months). And during these short winters, there is a surge in electricity bills for each household. The increase in the bills goes as high as twice the bill amount in Summer. Most of this cost is attributed to temperature management (and heating) for the household. This over-usage of electricity can be optimized, thereby lowering your monthly cost of running a home. Here are our top 5 choices of how you can reduce your energy bill:

1. Install Central Heating Systems In Your House

Central Heating | The Urban Space | First time in Nepal | Reduce Your Energy Bills

While the cost of installation may come on the higher end, the subsequent cost of operation and maintenance is negligible compared to that of ACs or Gaseous Heaters. If the central heating is planned well, before or during the home construction, it can give life long benefits such as helping you reduce your energy bill.

Central heating technology has already become the new norm in developed countries in Europe and America. And since central heating is a mechanical setup in itself, it will help you reduce your energy bills significantly. The Urban Space Nepal has introduced Central Heating Systems into all of its homes for the first time in Nepal. Watch this video to know more about how Urban Space is adding value to its homes.

2. Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed window | The Urban Space | Urban Space Nepal | Reduce Your Energy Bills

A single -glazed windows (which is used everywhere in Nepal) has just one sheet of glass. A double-glazed window has two parallel and separate sheets of glass. These two parallel panes create no obstacle to the light passing into your homes. Instead, these two panes create thermal as well as acoustic insulation for your homes.

Double-glazed insulated panel windows with two panes of parallel glass offer a significant advantage when it comes to the energy efficiency and subsequently, energy consumption for your household by providing insulation from the outside world.

3. Thermostats

House Thermostat | The Urban Space | Urban Space Nepal |  | Reduce Your Energy Bills

Smart thermostats can make heating your home more efficient, and help you reduce your energy bills, by only warming the rooms you are using. The biggest rip-off of thermostats comes with their programmability. Usage of Thermostats can be time-controlled and thus be made fully flexible as per your needs.

Most Nepali households are unaware of the long run value/benefit that comes from using programmable thermostats. This is mostly because our markets are less-expensive options for heating equipment readily made available. These options, in fact, add up to larger usage and maintenance cost for each household. Although the amount you save depends on your usage, it could end up saving you thousands of rupees a year in terms of utility bills.

4. Turn off Unused Appliances

Wall Switch Box | The Urban Space | Urban Space Nepal |  | Reduce Your Energy Bills

This might sound like a rather simple idea, which it is, and in most of the cases this is a very obvious solution that most people fail to implement. Researches show that up to 30% of electrical and power usages around the world come from unused appliances. It is plain and simple: turn off your appliances after use. Not only will this help you lower your energy consumption bills but you will also be contributing towards better energy distribution and access to power to each household. This will have a profound effect, especially with struggling economies like ours!

5. Find Alternatives for Lighting up Your Home

Open Space Lighting | The Urban Space | Urban Space Nepal  | Reduce Your Energy Bills

Avoid using lights running on electricity as much as possible. Replacing Filament and Tube lights with the LED Lights can lower your power consumption by as much as 5 folds. A rather smarter way would be to have abundant natural lights in your homes, while you make one for yourself. A well planned home will not only have enough natural light but will also have proper air circulation, keeping the home environment lively and fresh at all times.

Newer home design techniques implement ideas such as skylights, properly placed large windows, properly planned home orientation and mirror to maximize the amount of natural lights coming into your homes. At the Urban Space, we have worked rigorously in designing homes that have abundant sunlight and proper air circulation across all of our homes. You can check more about the Urban Space homes here.

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