8 Ways How We Have Tried To Make Homes Better : The Urban Space

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The Urban Space is a world class dwelling residence, comprising of 11 homes, each home designed with the philosophy of optimum space utilization. By optimizing space and removing walls within neighborhoods, we are revolutionizing urban design and moving towards a sustainable future. The Urban Space homes are not just for you, but your children and their grandparents too. For us to truly make your dream home, YOUR HOME, we knew making just another housing block or apartment would not do. Here are 10 ways how we have tried to take things to the next level:

  • The Urban Space is the best location that you can get. While most housings are on an average of 40 mins drive away from the city, we are located just 200 meters away from the Ring Road, Satdobato.
  • Our homes are built not only with Earthquake resistant building techniques but also the European fire safety standards for the first time in Nepal. We have introduced the best in class firefighting system comprising of firewalls, smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire hydrants to ensure your safety.
  • We have gone the farthest to make your home the most comfortable house available today in the Nepalese market. For this, all of our homes are built with thermal and acoustic insulation with double glazed glass windows. Your home will be even more peaceful and private.
  • For the first time in Nepal, our homes will have direct-to-home Gas Pipelines. Having a central gas repository, away from homes has helped us take the safety of our residents to the next level. Your safety is the most important priority for us.
  • All our homes will have Central Heating System. This would be the first of its kind in Nepal. Not only will your energy bills be lower, but you will have a world-class central heating technology.
  • The homes are close to schools and colleges, hospitals, child care and clinics. Basically everything you will in day to day basis. Stores like Salesberry and Bhat-bhateni are just 10 minutes away. Now running a home will be easier and even more convenient.
  • We have a common 8 aana space for 11 homes, accessible in the form of backyard. This open space has abundant greenery and proper safety measures in place. This space is for kids to play and run around, for the elderly to sit out in the sun, or even for families to socialize.
  • All our homes have SMART Automation and the entire neighborhood has SMART Surveillance. Each home receives abundant sunlight. There is a fa├žade on the both sides with abundant greenery. Not only you will have a sound social life, but also a safe one.

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