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It is obvious for parents looking to buy a home to have the safety and convenience of their kids and the elderly as their first priority. Parents will often look for a location that isn’t too far from schools, that provides a safe environment to play, and also has a decent neighborhood. In most cases, families have to compromise on at least one of the above-mentioned aspects while picking a house. We, at the Urban Space, understand and relate to this. Hence, we have gone the farthest to create the best home for you.

Urban Space is situated 200m from Satdobato Chowk, a prime location for any family with kids. Nearby, we have the best schools Nepal has to offer, Ullens, Premier International, GEMS and Rato Bangala. With your current location, it must take good amount of time for your kids to commute to-and-from their school. Living in The Urban Space will shorten that time allowing them to utilize their time for other tasks.

The Urban Space also offers a communal area within the housing – exclusive for our residents. The kids and elderly can play, walk, jog or just be on their own, quite literally in their backyard with complete safety! You will also be able to hold small events such as birthday parties, bhaat-khwais (pasni), anniversaries, and casual get-togethers. Hosting these events inside the communal area saves you the trouble and money of finding a venue outside.

Due to our forward-thinking approach to home-building, the Urban Space is more than just a housing space. It is a transformation in the way cities and neighborhoods are designed in Nepal.

More a more detailed information on the Urban Space Homes, please check out the video here:

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