Central Heating System : In Nepal and in The Urban Space

Central Heating | The Urban Space | First Time in Nepal | Urban Space Nepal
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As winters seem to only get colder in Nepal, the need for heating systems steadily grows. Whether it’s a portable electric heater, a fixed gaseous one, or even an AC, every household has a means of keeping themselves warm. It is quite rare, however, to see a Central Heating System installed in Nepal. The advantages are plentiful and yet many aren’t aware of it.

A central heating system generates heat in one central (and usually isolated) space. The warmth is distributed to multiple spaces within a building. The isolated heating space is usually a furnace room or basement or a mechanical room, making it safe for any household. After that, the heat is distributed across the house by forced-air through ductwork or by steam fed through pipes. In addition to being a widely accepted international practice and the first kind in Nepal, Urban Space’s overall setup is eco-friendly.

Due to the whole system being driven by a mechanical process, the cost of operation and maintenance is drastically low compared to other forms of heating. The cost of ACs and Gas heaters can reach staggering amounts especially in the winter season. The risk of accidents that these electric and gas heaters possess are also high compared to a Central Heating System.

Central Heating System | The Urban Space | Urban Space Nepal

One major reason why Central Heating Systems aren’t prevalent in Nepal is because of a lack of awareness about them. Simply put, a lot of people do not actually know what it is, let alone its benefits. Property developers often ignore the option of adding Central Heating System in the homes they build. The reason is obviously the cost. In contrast to this, Urban Space takes the comfort of our residents as a top priority by installing a Central Heating System. Gone are the days of wearing four layers of clothing inside your own home. 

In The Urban Space, we have gone the farthest to give you the truly next generation home. If you are interested to know everything that we have introduced for the first time in Nepal, here is the short video:

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