Bringing SMART Gas Pipeline to Your Home – The Urban Space.

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Do you know, homes in Europe and America have already moved into SMART Gas Pipeline to Home? The world has evolved and taken safe and better means. But it is not the same in case of Nepal.

Every house in Nepal has reserves of at least two gas cylinders stored away in their storerooms or kitchen balconies. Think about the time and effort required in ordering, carrying, installing cylinders every single time it runs out. Usually costs of regulators, cylinder delivery fees, other extra hidden costs and the risk of things going wrong at anytime. The risk is always there!

We have introduced direct-to-home SMART gas pipeline to all our homes in the Urban Space. This would be the first of its kind in Nepal. This not only rids you of all the hassle and additional costs, but also keeps away the risk of accidents for good. Not just for convenience but also for safety altogether!

The gas will flow from our 500-kilogram main tank into each house with their own dedicated pipeline. The house residents will be able to top-up their “gas balance” through their mobile phones just like a mobile balance recharge. If your balance is running low, just login to your phone and recharge your balance to continue the uninterrupted gas flow. All residents will have the option to opt out of this, if they are not comfortable with this overall arrangement. Getting rid of the space-consuming gas cylinders also maintains the aesthetic of The Urban Space adding beauty and additional space to your homes.

We have gone the farthest to build you a home that is truly yours, in all aspects. Here is a short video on what other things that are new and different in the Urban Space.

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