5 Simple Ideas to Prevent Household Fires

1) Keep fire extinguishers around and in place

A fire extinguisher is your best defense if a fire breaks out. Make sure that there are a few in every home, specially in common areas that are easily accessible, should such a fire break out. Every family member should have basic knowledge of how to use an extinguisher so that if a fire does occur, it can be put out as soon as possible.

2) Keep your stove and oven clean

Your stove won’t randomly combust because of your cooking, however, if uncleaned food particles on the stove get too hot, it may cause a fire. Prevention is always better than the cure, especially for accidents and fire-issues.

3) Maintain all electrical cords

Before you plug something in, make sure that the cord hasn’t been frayed or chewed. If you do notice damaged wires, replace them as soon as possible because this is a huge fire hazard. Also, check your cord placement; wires tend to get hot if you run them under a rug or between furniture. 

4) Properly store flammable products

Household cleaners and common cosmetic items like hairspray and shaving cream can be hazardous and are usually inflammable. If they are exposed to a large heat source, they can combust. You want to keep them away from space heaters and store them safely in a cool area.

5) Be careful with candles

Make sure you put them out before you exit a room and keep them far away from blankets or any other objects that could catch fire easily. If you feel yourself drifting off to sleep, get up and blow the candle out. Never put them on an uneven surface like carpet, because it’s too easy for them to tip over and make things worse.

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