5 Simple Ideas to Prevent Household Fire

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The first step towards preventing any accident is by being extra careful as most disasters are preventable. With the roller coaster experiences that life has for each of us, every household is always under the threat of a fire breaking out. Be it with gas leakage, a short circuit or an act of mischief from kids, fire accidents are growing in number. What is even worse is, a majority of these accidents could have been easily prevented with simple caution.

In this write up, we discuss 5 ways of preventing house fire. They are:

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1. Gas Cylinders: Put Them Away

Every year we read about the loss of property and lives due to gas cylinder explosions. While the world has developed and moved on to a new standards, us Nepalese still use cylinder-based, gas storage techniques. For us to avoid being a victim of gas cylinder related accidents, having safe and isolated storages is a useful precautionary step. As long as there is a cooking gas cylinder at home, however, we feel that we cannot be truly assured of our safety. However, we can do timely inspections and maintenance to avoid the worst.

2. Mind Your Stoves and Ovens

Your stove won’t randomly combust because of your cooking. However, if uncleaned food particles on the stove get too hot, it may cause a fire. It is always a good idea to clean cooking stoves after every cooking session. Prevention is always better than the cure, especially for accidents and fire-issues.

3. Electrical Cords and Sockets

Before you plug something in, make sure that the cord hasn’t been frayed or chewed. If you do notice damaged wires, replace them as soon as possible because this is a huge fire hazard. Also, check your cord placement; wires tend to overheat if you run them under a rug or between furniture. 

4. Flammable Products: Store Them Away

Household cleaners and common cosmetic items like hairspray and shaving cream are usually inflammable. We use these goods day in and day out and these things go unnoticed. If they are exposed to a heat source, they can combust and cause household fires. You want to keep them away from space heaters and store them safely in a cool area. You need to keep an extra eye especially if you have a toddler in your home.

5. Candles and Lamps

Usage of candles and fire lamps has grown into a trend in most city homes. Be it for a romantic dinner or a casual family gathering, candles and lamps ramp up the vibes. And while we are busy living in the moment, many of these lamps are left unattended. Make sure you put them out before you exit a room and keep them far away from blankets, curtains or anything that is easily flammable. If you feel yourself drifting off to sleep, get up and blow the candle out. Never put them on an uneven surface like carpet, because it’s too easy for them to tip over and cause great damage.

With these simple ideas, you are always at bay from fire related accidents. Despite all precautions, accidents are eminent. You should be prepared to contain them, if and when they happen. In the next read here, you can find the best 5 fire fighting measures for household fires in Nepal.

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